Shoe Care

When it comes to cleaning suede footwear, the old adage “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” definitely applies.

To help maintain the appearance and prolong the life of your leather, suede and pony skin CRISTINA DIEZ™ shoes we have listed below a list of suggestions which we trust you will find useful.

1. Polish your shoes at least once a month or whenever needed (cream polish is best for maintaining leather). Before you commence, lay newspaper over your workspace for an easy cleanup. First, test the polish on an inconspicuous area to make sure it does not cause discoloration. Then use a clean, soft cloth to apply the polish in a circular motion across the entire shoe. Be careful around stitching that may be a different color. Once done, take another clean soft cloth and remove the polish in a circular motion.

2. Buff your shoes after they have dried by using a soft cloth in circular motions.

3. Use a leather conditioning or leather lotion at least twice a year to keep your shoes soft and supple. Without this treatment, leather shoes may dry out and cracks may appear.

4. Regular use of a protector spray will help to guard against staining and water penetration. However the protector spray will not make your item waterproof.

5. Leave wet shoes to dry naturally, never use artificial heat. Use a shoe tree or stuff them with newspaper to help maintain the shape of your shoes while drying.

6. Use a shoe horn to prevent damage to the back of your shoes when putting on and taking off.

7. Top pieces on heels (heel caps) are a replaceable component. Do not allow them to wear down – they should be replaced regularly by a reputable shoe repairer.

8. You will be provided with a dust bag we would suggest you use it to help maintain the appearance of your piece during storage. Furthermore keep your leather shoes in its dust bag to avoid discoloration and try to avoid contact with darker coloured items

9. Colour fastness cannot be guaranteed on suede or leather pieces. Try to avoid contact between your suede and leather pieces and paler materials.

10. Just remember to clean, condition, polish and weatherproof your CRISTINA DIEZ™ shoes season after season so that they last longer.

Cristina DiezShoe Care