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The Edgartown graces pages of Tempus

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One of Cristina Diez’s designer shoes, The Edgartown, has graces the pages of the latest issue of Tempus magazine.

Tempus is a monthly prestige watch and luxury lifestyle magazine read by watch aficionados and affluent consumers worldwide. It offers readers and advertisers a unique insight into the fascinating world of quality horology, luxury travel, high-value collectables, yachts, private aviation, motoring and much more.

The Edgartown is what every busy woman needs. The Edgartown will make one feel empowered during a meeting, glamorous on a lunch date and fashionable at a dinner party. Their soft leather is accesorised by adding a pair of tassels that add a touch of old school glamour to your look.

Cristina would like to thank the Tempus team for their support of the brand.

Cristina DiezThe Edgartown graces pages of Tempus