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Elegant, colourful and comfortable – Introducing The Rogue

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Coco Chanel said once “Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise is not luxury”. Have you ever bought a pair of shoes which were very pretty yet incredibly uncomfortable? I know I have and I also know the blisters I got as a result and how many times I ended up wearing the shoes more than twice-.

“The Rouge” is hence a comfortable shoe but it is also elegant and colourful.

As you know by now, one of the signatures of Cristina Diez shoes is colour therefore for our second collection we wanted to combine luxurious Italian leather and a pop of colour which was achieved by adding a touch of red suede.

Your Rouge will become a wardrobe staple which you will use season after season keeping glamorous and comfortable.

One tip from me… “The Rouge” is a limited edition so place your order soon!

Cristina DiezElegant, colourful and comfortable – Introducing The Rogue