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The “Isabella” has arrived

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When I first found out that I was having a daughter I was told by friends and family how much joy I would have watching her grow up and sharing the Cristina Diez shoe collection with her. But then the impatient – ok, very impatient- side of me thought…I can’t wait for her tiny feet to grow enough to fill the smallest size I carry!

I then went on a mission to find a special pair of shoes that my daughter and I could share and wear at the same time without the wait. I wanted the shoes to be comfortable, feminine, and to have a summer feel – not an easy task!

Fast forward a few weeks and then voilá, the “Isabella” was born! A sugar sweet piece combining the traditional casual espadrille with a pattern of flowers. It is an easy shoe to wear, casual but also feminine. Perfect to share with not only daughters, but any favourite child. A great present for “Mother’s Day”, “Baby showers” and a “must” when packing for your summer holidays! And who said you can’t share it with your cousins or best friends?

The Isabella comes in a limited edition so don’t wait too long to place your order.

Cristina DiezThe “Isabella” has arrived