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The Newport has arrived!

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Let the limited-edition Newport take the attention and pair them with your favorite little black dress or with a special skirt.

Ladies, meet the Newport, Newport meet my stylish clients.

Now that we have the introductions out of the way, please allow me to explain you the genesis of the Newport. When I was sixteen years old, I received a little pearl necklace for my birthday. I remember feeling very grown up on the very few and special occasions I could wear it. I also noticed how flattering pearls were and how they added a touch of elegance to any outfit. Therefore, for my first collection, I wanted to share with you this little passion of mine about pearls and also for you to feel special.

Whilst I was researching how to combine pearls and moccasins – not the easiest combination, let me tell you- I went to a museum for inspiration. I spent a couple of hours admiring beautiful pieces and suddenly I discovered this beautiful portrait of Catalina of Aragon – Queen of England and one of the many wives of Henry the VIII-. Catalina of Aragon was wearing a stunning brooch around her neck. The brooch was very embellished and had pearls on it. I remember spending a good fifteen minutes looking at the portrait, and smiling!

After more research and a substantial amount of back and forth between my artisan in Italy and the Cristina Diez team, the Newport was born. You can wear it up with a little black dress, or a skirt or you can dress it down with jeans. You can pair it with grey, navy, black, beige and even to mix it with patterns like stripes, flowers or polka dots.

I hope you enjoy wearing the Newport very much and that it makes you feel as special as you are! Both Newports – the faux gold and the faux silver – are limited edition… so order yours soon to avoid disappointment!

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Cristina DiezThe Newport has arrived!