CRISTINA DIEZ™ shoes are defined by a combination of three elements; a passion for colour, affordable luxury and a subtle twist. The result is a timeless elegant piece whipped up with bright happy colours, changes in texture and a hint of glamour.

These days every one of us is multi-tasking and has a very busy schedule that inevitably involves a morning to evening packed day and even busier weekends. We all look to wear a pair of shoes that will allow us to walk comfortably, to look polished and refined and to make us stand up from the crowd. We are no longer willing to carry a second pair of shoes with us to change and neither to suffer from sore foot the day after . We can’t afford for our shoes to limit us from running to chase a plane – or kids!- to make that work meeting on time or to look our best -shine or rain-when we gather with friends for dinner.

Cristina Diez shoes are designed to give you maximum versatility in a myriad of social settings and situations. They are statement pieces that will become your “never let me down” accessory. Their original combination make them different and unusual and their Italian manufacturing allow a comfortable fit and luxurious finishing.

You are the best ambassador that CRISTINA DIEZ™ shoes can have and for that we are grateful to you. We hope they make you feel the special and unique woman you are.


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